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"I am a Servant Leader that has dedicated over 16 years of service to our Country and community.  It would be an honor and a privilege to serve Cincinnati once again to tackle some of our issues of trust and confidence in city government to work collaboratively to find solutions and move our city forward. " - Terence Allen Gragston
Public Safety

Cincinnati has been facing a significant increase of violent crime over the past few years that is wreaking havoc within the communities where these instances take place; creating lasting trauma for the children and families of those victimized.  We must empower each of our 52 neighborhoods with the tools and resources to mitigate crime, providing access to adequate mental health services and expand upon our current mental health crisis response team to create a more robust effort to deliberately target some of the root causes for violent crime.

Once elected, I will support an agenda that will make the safety within our city streets a priority while looking for solutions to reduce the prevalence and access to firearms by violent offenders.  I firmly believe that comprehensive gun reform is possible and will help slow the influx of dangerous weapons of war without infringing upon the rights of law abiding citizens.  

Restore Trust and Credibility to City Hall

Our hometown has faced a series of public corruption cases, instances of self-dealing and profiting from development deals across the city at the expense of our taxpayers.  We must root out corruption at City Hall; restoring Honor and Integrity to public office.  


As Councilman I will bring the same faith, trust and confidence that have been instilled in me over the course of 14 year of military and federal government service - without violating the public trust and violating ethical guidelines.  I will support changes to our campaign finance regulations that will increase transparency of good government and require all campaign contributions to be disclosed prior to City Council voting on any development project, contract or important business in front of the city.  

Affordable Housing

Our city is facing an ever increasing affordable housing crisis that impacts some of our most vulnerable and disenfranchised citizens.  Our city must commit to a solution to affordable housing.  

As Council member, I will support an agenda that will incentivize the development of a workable affordable housing plan, leveraging private and public funding resources and partnerships as well as federal government resources; work to find a solution to increase the affordable housing trust fund; and make a commitment to tenant's rights and hold bad landlords accountable so that we can improve the quality of living standards and grow our city from the inside out.

Economic Inclusion

For years, I have worked with the African American Chamber of Commerce, The Secretary of State Frank LaRose and the Minority Business Assistance Center to ensure that economic opportunity, education and resources are available to our minority, women and Veteran Owned small businesses.  

As Councilman, I will work to strengthen these existing working relationships to cultivate more resources for our historically disenfranchised businesses.  I will vote in support of a plan that will increase the mandatory spend for all city contracts with minority, women owned and Veteran owned businesses.  

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